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Land Surveyor services - overview

Our expert surveying team are highly experienced and qualified in land surveying, legal boundaries, precise measurement, subdivision design and project management. 

Using the latest high precision technology we efficiently gather highly accurate data and find innovative solutions to your surveying requirements.

With a diverse skill set, our surveyors gather spatial information onsite, assess the legal, topographical and engineering constraints, and create environmentally thoughtful designs while maximising the development potential of your land. We are there from the very beginning and will steer your project through to completion. 

Whether you’re building on your urban section, subdividing your rural property, or a Local Authority requiring surveying services, our expert land surveying & subdivision design team have the technical expertise to assist.


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Our Land Surveying Services

Topographical (site) surveys

From residential sections through to large rural sites, the topographical data we collect is used as the basis for architectural, engineering and subdivision design. We gather accurate three dimensional positions of buildings, features and ground levels relative to legal boundaries and output this data in a variety of formats, all the while liaising with your architect or designer to provide them with an accurate base plan.

Land Transfer Surveys

We undertake urban and rural subdivisions, boundary adjustments, easement and covenant surveys, cross-lease updates, unit title surveys, and surveys involving natural boundaries and limited titles. We lead this process from start to finish, from initial scheme design to the placement of pegs and the preparation of supporting plans, reports and calculations for lodgement with Land Information New Zealand.

Legalisation Surveys

Survey Office (SO) surveys are undertaken to facilitate the transfer of land by statutory actions, typically under the Local Government Act 1974, Public Works Act 1981 or Reserves Act 1977. We regularly assist Local Authorities by preparing and lodging legalisation datasets with Land Information New Zealand for purposes such as road stopping, acquisitions and reserves.

Boundary redefinition surveys

We are experts in defining and verifying the boundary pegs marking the corners of your property and can accurately replace these marks if necessary. We can also place new marks along existing boundary lines and provide compliance certification for Local Authorities. Boundaries lines are not always obvious, so if you are building, renovating or fencing, contact us to give yourself confidence in your boundary location from the outset.

Engineering & Construction Surveying

Using our highly accurate equipment we can undertake precise deformation and monitoring surveys as well as the setout of grid lines to ensure buildings are positioned correctly within boundaries. We are experts in accurately setting out and as-builting roading and drainage infrastructure and calculating earthworks and stockpile volumes. We also assist contractors utilising machine guidance.

Other Services

In addition to Land Transfer surveys, we also undertake surveys associated with Māori Land and prepare datasets for control and offsetting surveys. We provide a wide variety of other services ranging from as-built and asset surveys of Council infrastructure through to establishing height datums for builders or obtaining title records for your property. If you think a surveyor can assist with your project, contact us.

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