Office Coordinator

Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason: Office Coordinator

Rachel’s office management experience has involved accounts, payroll, administration, operations and management. She has led teams in a variety of businesses; including health care, hospitality and traffic management. This role brings her full circle, having started her working life as a Survey Draughting cadet. Rachel enjoys interaction with clients and providing quality, honest customer service. Helping clients to realise their land-based dreams fits in nicely with her love of land and architecture.

Outside of the office Rachel has a range of interests including travel, walking, and creating; be that in the kitchen, her studio, the garden, or creating memories with family and friends

Rachel has a passion for nature and creativity. She has been described as a magpie and gathers all manner of natural and manmade objects which she uses to print on, print with or turn into ink and add to her art. She believes that everyone is creative in some way, and the process of creating is more beneficial than the result. She exhibits in the Kapiti Arts Trails and her work can be viewed on Facebook @artplay.



Rachel Mason: Office Coordinator